Lipstick Pepper Spray, 25 ml, Pink

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  • Made of Oleoresin Capsicum with Ultra Strong Pepper Irritant, 25 ml
  • Spray Nozzle that helps in accurate targeting point, in panic situations too
  • It can cause : 1) burning in the throat, 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough, 4) shortness of breath, 5) gagging, 6) gasping. It gives same burning sensation all over your face and in your eyes, nose, and throat that a Red chilly Powder falls in someone eyes. Its effect is immediate and powerful, and it can distract a person long enough (2-3 Hours) for you to escape an assailant
  • This Pepper Spray is Legal to use in Self Defense and Misuse other than Self Defense is a Criminal Offense | An ISO-ANZ 9001 : 2008 Australia Certified | Shelf Life – 2 years . Toll Free Helpline No. 1800-123-111222

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BE SAFE Forever Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray made of Oleoresin Capsicum with the Best Quality and Most Effective. Very Compact Size, Easy to Carry with you in Daily Routine Life. At the Global Axis Alliance, we strive to produce the most effective pepper sprays and personal safety products that will help protect you in the moments you really need them. Developing our industry-leading products, technologies and formulations like Secure ShieldGuardianChevalierBE SAFE Forever & Commander starts with extensive testing and quality control.

BE SAFE Forever Pink Lipstick Pepper Spray are legal to use in India only in Self Defense. But Misuse is a criminal offence. this Post will clear you about the legality and how to use pepper spray. These are the following steps you must have to follow while using it in a tough situation.
Do not Panic and Stay Calm.

Carrying these sprays is legal in India and nothing in law classifies it as an illegal substance. But while using these sprays, just remember the above three conditions.

Is Pepper Spray Legal to use in India?

For example, if someone says ‘ your purse or your life’ and has a knife. In this situation pepper spray a be effectively use.
But where a person says, get lost or I will slap you and you use pepper spray. Such an act attracts civil Liability and you will be liable for compensation.
Thus, the bottom line is, it is legal but use them only in danger, no recourse to police authority and it must be proportional to danger.

These are the steps you can follow:

  1. Keep the bottle accessible

    You can carry your pepper spray in handbag, pocket or in the car, So you will be able to use that in such a situation when it is needed

  2. Hold it and Aim

    Hold it properly, the nozzle should be in front of the target
    Aim on target

  3. Cover your Mouth and Nose

    Covering your mouth and nose is essential as it can harm you as well if sprayed in the wrong direction

  4. Spray with confidence

    Now you just have to spray it on target and run from that place and situation.

  5. Run from the place

    Once you spray your pepper spray, just run away from the place, because it can affect you too if you inhale the air.

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