Lipstick Pepper Spray, 15g / 25 ml


  • Made of Oleoresin Capsicum with Ultra Strong Pepper Irritant, 25 ml.
  • √ Compact Size with 11 cm Height x 3 cm Diameter, that makes easy to carry with you in your pocket or handbag/Purse | 10 Feet Range | 10-15 Shots
  • Spray Nozzle that helps in accurate targeting point, in panic situations too.
  • It can cause : 1) burning in the throat, 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough, 4) shortness of breath, 5) gagging, 6) gasping. It gives same burning sensation all over your face and in your eyes, nose, and throat that a Red chilly Powder falls in someone eyes. Its effect is immediate and powerful, and it can distract a person long enough (2-3 Hours) for you to escape an assailant.
  • √ This Spray is Legal to use in Self Defense and Misuse other than Self Defense is a Criminal Offense | An ISO 9001 : 2015 GACB Europe Certified | Shelf Life – 1 years
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