Commander Self Defense Pepper Spray, 50 ml

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  • WHERE to USE ? – Individuals may also use it in a situation to defend themselves against attacks by other people or animals.
  • EFFECT :- It can cause: 1) burning in the throat, 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough, 4) shortness of breath, 5) gagging, 6) gasping. It gives same burning sensation all over your face and in your eyes, nose, and throat that a Red chilly Powder falls in someone eyes. Its effect is immediate and powerful, and it can distract a person long enough for you to escape an assailant.
  • HOW to USE ? – Keep Spray Nozzle in the direction of attacker and cover your face from your other hand or handkerchief than press it.
  • PROTECTION RANGE – It can be used from a distance of 10-foot (3meter) that reduces the chance of wind blowback.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE – clip option ensures non-keychain users can have spray with them on the go, while locking top safety helps prevent accidental discharge
  • RELIABLE– Tested and certified from government lab and and legal to use under threatening circumstances
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Pepper spray is an easy means to disable an attacker quickly and effectively. Whether you have to travel to some scarcely populated place or you are living in a rough neighbourhood, pepper sprays are handy to have around for quick defence. It is always beneficial to carry pepper spray cans especially if you take late night commutes all by yourself. This Commander Self Defense Pepper Spray from GA+ is extremely user-friendly and offers effective utility.


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