Chevalier Self Defence Pepper Spray | 55 ml

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  • √ Made of Oleoresin Capsicum with Ultra Strong Pepper Irritant, 55 ml.
  • √ Compact Size with 11 cm Height x 3 cm Diameter, that makes easy to carry with you in your pocket or handbag/Purse | 12 Feet Range | 45 Shots
  •  Spray Nozzle that helps in accurate targeting point, in panic situations too.
  •  It can cause : 1) burning in the throat, 2) wheezing, 3) dry cough, 4) shortness of breath, 5) gagging, 6) gasping. It gives same burning sensation all over your face and in your eyes, nose, and throat that a Red chilly Powder falls in someone eyes. Its effect is immediate and powerful, and it can distract a person long enough (2-3 Hours) for you to escape an assailant.
  • √ This Pepper Spray is Legal to use in Self Defense and Misuse other than Self Defense is a Criminal Offense | An ISO-ANZ 9001 : 2008 Australia Certified | Shelf Life – 2 years
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28 reviews for Chevalier Self Defence Pepper Spray | 55 ml

  1. Saifulla Shariff

    Awsm can buy without any dought

  2. Hitheswar C R

    portable small size
    also for self defnse

  3. Manoj Sharma

    I am satisfied by your good sales and right date of delivery of the exact product I had ordered .Thanks

  4. Biswaroop Das

    Quite effective it seems….though dint have to apply…but a puff in the air seemed strong enough….

  5. Jasir Abdulla


  6. Lipika Das

    Best spray…very effective and handy

  7. ashish

    Best pepper spray!if you are looking for pepper spray to have on hand than this is the one to get! I loved that it come with a trail one so you can learn where to shoot and get used to the feeling of one. So this is a great quality pepper spray and would recommend it.

  8. Nikhil

    Very good product i tried it on my friend he was desprate to know how it feels 😂 it works instantly and rang is very good recommend for self-defense.

  9. Priyanka

    nice, must carry one item

  10. Kiran

    Size is very compact, easy to carry in pocket and purse

  11. Simran

    No Doubt, its awesome

  12. Liza

    Its nice to have this item, very fast delivery and customer support.
    i personally recommend this


    Good product and nice delivery..thanks

  14. Kavya

    I am loving it

  15. Kamini Thakur

    Too Small, portable and Nice

  16. Chirag Setia

    Its not the Good, it’s best, i have used many of the pepper sprays, but trust me this one is awesom among all, very #Powerful

  17. Payal

    Personal Advice, do not use this in home or bed room, ulta strong effects, i had spray this only once a little, i was unable to sleep in my room for a whole night.

  18. Nitin Gehlot

    its just great

  19. Durgesh Meena


  20. Arihant Jain


  21. Payal

    5 STAR

  22. Pardeep Khurana


  23. Ritu Sah


  24. Priya Mishra


  25. Sonu Rajpoot

    good Service, fast delivery

  26. Aman

    Packed very well and received in good condition

  27. Hina Goel

    Easy to carry and feels good, design is great

  28. satish modi

    Nice Defense Spray

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