Most frequent questions and answers

This was the first question that came to our mind if Pepper Sprays legal in India. After consulting many experienced law firms and after researching a lot on Internet we figured that Carrying a Pepper spray is 100% legal in India, Infact we all Indiana have a Right to Self/ Private Defence under the Section 96 and 106 of the Indian Penal Code. 
To be Noted that pepper spray is the best solution for self defence as it effects stays upto only 1-2 hours and the maximum effect is irritation in eyes and skin that an attacker will not be able to handle which will go away in some time.
So yes, you can freely buy it and Carry it anywhere you want.

No. Spray will make offender in tears, runny nose and temporary loss of eye sight. 

No it’s spray for emergency self defense. Meaning if someone is trying to rob or threaten you then you can spray for protection. 

24 Months From the Date of manufacturing, you do not need to worry as we produce our product as per our Demand prevails so the product will have a date of manufacturing of not more than a month. 

Yes, you will get your product manufactured with in a month.

No, You cannot carry any Flammable/ Aerosole products like Deo, Sprays, etc. on the flight. you may buy a Non Aerosole pepper spray for that purpose but in my knowledge that is not really effective, so we don’t make it. 

No, But It Comes with a Safety Cap, t won’t get pressed that easily. So don’t worry about it. Go for it. 

Dear Buyer! 
Undoubtedly yes, Wherever you are whenever you are, SELF DEFENCE PEPPER SPRAY can protect you from any threats like wild animals, Human Threat such as Rapists, Eve-Teasers, etc. 
It’s an Advance formula which causes only irritation and no other harm to the person. Just make sure you follow the Guide on how to use pepper spray you get inside the pack. This Pepper spray is easy to carry and use, the perfect tool for your Safety. 

Yes, it has very Compact size to easy carry in pockets and Handbags