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Global Axis Alliance is Subsidiary of Gadget Analyst India, which is in Ecommerce sector from the last 4 years, and Now Global Axis Alliance is Found to Deliver the Best Quality Products at the best Price in the markets of India

Global Axis Alliance mainly deals in the women safety products and Health care Sector, including Beauty products

Commander Self Defense Pepper Spray which is used for the women safety is the leading product by the Global Axis Alliance, which is liked by the Indian peoples and liked by the internationally too.

BE SAFE – Pepper Spray Empowered by Veena Gupta

MSMR is Stands for “My Security My Responsibility”, is a Women Safety App Available on Android/iOS which is a initiative of Veena Gupta for giving E-Learning for Self Defense 

Veena Gupta

Self Defense Women Safety Expert

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Delivering Safety for leading brands